This unique rendition of a Buck on alert is by a Pyrographer!

smell of smoke

What is a ‘Pyrographer’?  It is a person that does wood-burning at a much higher level than we did in High School art.  In fact… this buck may be checking out the smell of smoke or a dragon in the area… it looks so life like.  Look at the gleam in it’s eye.  This is just one of the unique items that this artist produces.  Stop by and browse her collection of paintings, ornaments, pottery, and pyrography she has on display at the Gallery in Kremmling!

Bulls, Spiders and now Dragons

The Oriental Lung Dragon!  A truly unique gift or an addition to your own collection of fascinating and unusual pieces of sculpture.  Yes, it is still available at the Gallery in Kremmling, Colorado.

This little fella is another member of the group of animals that our artists have chosen to study and present their artistic rendition of a true or mystical creature.  Although I would not suggest this for the faint of heart or a household with little kids… some of the big kids among us love dragons.  Both real and fantastical!  He does look rather fierce, he really isn’t… what’s the old saying, “his bark is worse than his bite”!

Oriental Dragon

Itsy Bitsy Spider

They do look real!  But they are not so ladies, don’t step on them!!!!  Talk about a unique gift, just hope the intended is not scared of spiders!!!!

These are well trained spiders, no webs and no little spiders to contend with… just cute and colorful, they don’t even smush when you put them into you pocket!

And they are available in many different colors at the Gallery in Kremmling, Co.