Dale was born and raised in Colorado, where, at an early age he acquired a love for the outdoors. At every chance he was enjoying nature, gasping in it’s beauty and totally intrigued with all wildlife. Learning about all the vegetation and anything he could about wildlife became his passion.

   Dale began photographing everything at a young age, creating boxes of pictures and negatives. Backpacking and snowshoeing into the wildernesses of Colorado was inevitable as Dale became a young adult…and this is where he began to capture his world through the lens of a camera. He has trekked the Rocky Mountains from snow capped peaks, to the river bottoms of the plains. He has also journeyed from Alaska to provinces of Canada, as well as several of the lower states.

   Dale’s true love is near his home in the Rocky Mountains – along the Continental Divide by the town of Walden Colorado in the Mt Zirkle Wilderness. The Wilderness is 160,000 acres and Dale has traveled it’s entire vastness. With all the time he has spent in the great outdoors, Dale has become a survivalist as well…. snowshoeing into the wilderness and staying in snow caves in sub zero weather to summer trips capturing his memories. After several requests he has started a survival school.

   Dale’s passion for the outdoors spills out on to paper in ink in the writings he creates. Look for them in the upcoming books;

The Essence of Mt Zirkel Wilderness,


and his newest book…

Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains.

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