The Artisan’s name is Christopher Lynn Patrick Porter…

….his medium is a polymer clay called Super Sculpey.

 Using a variety of unconventional tools like pens, screen, leather tools, old tooth brushes and combs he creates Imaginative and Fantasic sculptures in varying sizes.

Chris started several years ago when he tried to describe an idea that he had in his mind, but was unable to find the words….so he sculpted it into a 3-D model instead.. and that was only the beginning!

 Over the years Chris has discovered and developed different ways to add more realistic details, 

which sets his art work apart from others with a look that is his alone…enabling him to sculpt just about anything that a client could ask for.

Chris has sculpted figures from photographs, drawings, smaller figurines or simply from a general description.

On several occasions, people have handed him something: an unusual rock, a gnarly piece of drift wood, among a variety of other objects, and asked him to sculpt something to fit within and add to the object’s unusual property. Nowadays, Chris is better known for his ability to sculpt fantasy figures…

 …his Dragons are definitely one of a kind! 

If you have an idea… Chris can sculpt it into reality. If you wish to see more of his fine art sculptures….

they are on display at Kreative Kreations on the square and at the Gore Range Artisans Group Gallery in Kremmling.

Please feel free to contact Chris at 970-724-0986