Late Blooming artist, Bill Janson recalls his first
paint by numbers oil of a floral still life that was of
no interest. Painting outside the lines, the scene
quickly evolved into the first of many inspired
mountain, sky water and tree landscapes.
After high school, the military called Bill to
service. He was stationed in Alaska, Colorado and
elsewhere and received an honorable discharge in
the late 1960’s. At that time he moved back to New
Not long after moving back to New York he
married Kathie Draeger, whom he met in Colorado.
The couple lived in New York for a few years
then headed west and settled in Summit County,
Colorado in 1980.
Years later, his mother’s upcoming surgery and
birthday prompted him to pick up his brushes, to
surprise her with a painting when she came home.
He has that painting to this day.
The 90’s found Bill and his family very busy in
Kremmling, Colorado owning three businesses. His
mother encouraged him to find a relaxing outlet.
To do so, he began painting more and more, mostly
in the evenings. He proclaims he is self- taught and
his work evolved slowly.
Bill’s wife Kathie was an adventurous painter in
her own right. The couple had two beautiful girls
together. She passed in 2007 at a great loss to him.
Searching for solace, Bill continued to paint a bit.
Now with businesses sold and retired into what
he refers to as ‘the long shadows of life’, he has
time to devote to painting which is what he often
does. From the first painting until now, Bill does
not always stay within the lines but keeps to the
recurring themes of mountain, sky, water and trees.
Bill says that he has had the pleasure to be
humbled and inspired by many artists. To name a
few: Pem Dunn, Karen Vance, Susiehyer, David
Mayer, and there are many more.
In Bill’s words, “Over the years, I have found
peace and comfort in the quiet and away places.
The sunsets, so beautiful, they bring a tear to the
eye. The sky, mountains, water and trees have
always inspired me and brought me peace. It is my
hope that my work will take you to a quiet and away
place, bringing the beholder pleasure and peace.”