Adolph Zimmermann is an eclectic and whimsical artist who draws from his memories of childhood on Lake Mohawk in northern New Jersey. He has mastered a variety of mediums including sculpture, woodwork, engraving, oil and acrylic painting.

Being raised in an artistic family early on he recognized the value of color and the outdoors. Zimmermann grew up with two brothers and a sister which allowed for many adventures. As in his paintings from years past, most of the sculpture themes are based around his memories of the lake community he grew up around which was also rich with Native American influences. “Every summer my brothers and I would build a new fort in the woods. Some in trees, underground, and we even built a floating fort on a pond. “We’d play in canoes or rowboats and were able to hunt and fish. We were three little Huck Fins.” He was surrounded by nature both at the lakes and in the near by mountains.

“Those activities that I enjoyed participating in during my time as a child, are the things I enjoy sculpting.” After three colleges and taking almost every art course offered, he took a side venture into building and architecture that lasted 35 years. Zimmermann has now returned back to the world of art.

Originally, Zimmermann found oil painting to be the medium he was able to express these adventures and imaginative scenarios. Today he primarily focuses on the lost wax sculpture process. Unlike many other sculptures, Zimmermann completes all steps of the process from start to finish. Each sculpture is cast in a variety pieces; some may have up to dozen individual castings. This hands-on approach allows him to continuously work on each sculpture piece and permits better control over the final masterpiece.

Most of the sculptures have a sense of whimsy surrounding them. “I want to capture a moment in time with a sense of humor. I like to see people smile when they view my work.” Each piece shares a snapshot of a story the observer wants to hear more of. When a person looks at Zimmermann’s work, they can’t help but smile.

Zimmermann resides at his home in Colorado where both his studio and foundry are located. By designing a living and working space on the same property, he is able to stay close to both things that matter to him, his family and his art. The studio is separated from the house, tucked on the edge of National Forest eliminating distractions so he could solely concentrate on his work. He designed the studio with the intention of it being multifunctional. The first floor is for sculpting and the second floor is used for painting, drafting, and design.

Zimmermann currently lives in Silverthorne, CO with his wife, Henny. They are the proud parents of a son, daughter and son in-law and two beautiful granddaughters all living in Colorado as well.

Adolph’s Art is also on display and available for purchase at his HIGH PLAINS Studio & Gallery located in the Gore Range Artisans VILLAGE.