Lorna Babcock

   I studied Fine Art and Illustration at both Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design and at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado where I grew up.

I have created Murals, Signs and menu boards for many homes &  businesses throughout the Denver area and beyond our wonderful state.

I enjoy being a Mom, painting murals, creating Fine Art, designing Tattoos, Interior Design, and even airbrushing on Motorcycles!

   Working out of Kremmling, CO..I am inspired by the wondrous beauty of the mountains and wildlife around me!  I create signage and fine art by wood-burning on anything I can get my hands on. Most birch panels and Beetlekill Pine plank canvases, I build myself.

I work mostly on commission, also applying my pyrography and paint to wood furniture pieces and custom cabinetry.

  Thank You!